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A compositional approach
to electroacoustic systems design 

Alejandro Montes de Oca
Research Catalogue exposition



Case-Specific Electroacoustic Systems



This composition-based project of artistic research introduces the term Case-Specific Electroacoustic Systems to describe a set of electric, digital, and acoustic devices that are interconnected in a particular way to embody a specific sound work. The artistic research states that when the sound composition process occurs in tandem with the electroacoustic system configuration and design process, a particular creative practice is engendered. The main research questions are how the development of such a system becomes another parameter of sound creation, and how this influences the artistic ideas and process elaborated around a specific sound work. In the course of the doctoral trajectory five new sound works were created and presented, thus forming the artistic portfolio of this doctoral project. Each work included the composition, design, and creation of a case-specific electroacoustic system. An introduction to the concept of Case-Specific Electroacoustic Systems, its contextualisation, and an analysis of the artistic practice and the outcomes of each of the five artworks are presented in a written thesis. The complete scope of this doctoral project including multi-media material of the artistic portfolio and the artistic doctoral thesis is contained within this exposition, Case-Specific Electroacoustic Systems, published and archived in the Research Catalogue online database. 

Artistic Doctoral Thesis

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The thesis can also be found at the Sibelius Academy library, University of the Arts, Helsinki.