Half full (2017)

Sound Composition - Black Box Presentation (Video)
Case-Specific Electroacoustic System 

Sound Installation

Other Public Presentations

This page connects with chapter 2 in the artistic doctoral thesis.

Half Full is a sound composition-installation with a custom-made portable multichannel sound system, created for a dance performance with the same title (Puoliksi täynnä in Finnish). The dance piece’s intention was to take contemporary dance to all kinds of places, such as supermarkets, sport centers, parks, schools, companies, etc, hence the need for a portable sound system. The title of this project took the name from the choreographic piece and reflects the theme around it: happiness and its implications in our body, mind and spirit. For me the idea of sea and beach, with its sand and palm trees, just like some places in the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico represents an idyllic place that makes me feel good. From there came the idea of making a set of sixteen portable hanging speakers using coconut shells as enclosure.

Working group: choreographer Satu Tuomisto, dancers Saara Töyrylä and Fornier Ortiz, and composer and sound artist Alejandro Montes de Oca.

Public presentation: twenty-five public presentations in Finland from 2016 to beginning 2017.