Acoustic Paths
(2012, version 2019)
Sound Composition - Short Version (Binaural Audio)
Sound Installation - Black Box Presentation (Video Documentation)
Case-Specific Electroacoustic System
Sound Installation

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This page connects with chapter 5 in the artistic doctoral thesis.

Acoustic Paths is a twenty-minutes long acousmatic sound composition-installation set for two listeners at a time. Acoustic Paths, or Senderos Acústicos in Spanish, originally started in 2012 when I began to travel and record the soundscapes of different areas of Mexico. The objective was to explore connections between the sound pollution emanating from cities and contemporary society. Since then, the project has been presented in different places as a sound installation, live performance, and sound composition. This version of 2019 encapsulates my interest regarding the compositional process of forms that are between installation and concert situation. It also plays with the role of the audience in two ways, one where it is possible to move and explore the sound world and other where one must sit still and listen from a particular perspective. Finally, it explores a particular situation by inviting two persons, who don’t necessarily know each other, to experience a work of art, opening a moment for sharing and communication.

Public presentation: Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre, Finland, October 28th and 29th, 2019.

Idea and Realization: composer and sound artist Alejandro Montes de Oca.