Lap-dog machines: (2019)
Sound Composition - Black Box Presentation (Video)
Case-Specific Electroacoustic Systems
Sound Installation

Sound Performance

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This page connects with chapter 4 in the artistic doctoral thesis.

Lap-dog Machines: is a sound composition-installation-performance intended to explore translation processes through technology. Three case-specific electroacoustic systems “Lap-dog machines” were especially developed to electrify and transform voice and text in real time: Spatial Sampler, Vocoder Rupestre and Poliglota Type Machine. The sonic-literary machines aim to build a bridge between technology and performer, using pre-recorded text, voice improvisation, singing, recitation, real-time sound transformation, electronically generated sounds and sound spatialisation.

Public presentation: Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre, Finland, January 25th, 2019.

Working group: poet and spoken artist Daniel Malpica, singers Petra Poutanen and Ahmed Kakoyi, modular synthesizer performer Juan de Dios Magdaleno, and composer and live electronics performer Alejandro Montes de Oca.