The Jackfield exposes the dynamics of simulated neural activity (see Transpositions: Case Study 1) as binaural soundscape. Different timbrical and spatial perspectives can be adopted by the listener through manually browsing the 81 transpositions layed out in a matrix of headphone jack connectors. Through


(vertical axis)

neuronal spikes (foreground) can be separated in different

degrees from the continuous changes in the cell potentials (background).


[ r e a d   m o r e ]

the jackfield

Acoustically, the cells are grouped in a binaural simulation of the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL) gallery rooms, for which the Jackfield was produced. Different cell configurations and virtual listening positions (horizontal axis) expose the complex temporal relationships among

groups of cell.

Participants of the Transpositions seminar held by Gerhard Eckel at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm on Sep 11 2017 explore the installation as the first part of the meeting.