[ r e a d   m o r e ]

Triggers are distributed in the DA TA rush exhibition. Some are very visible red trigger buttons and others are more subtle, such as a microphone hung from the ceiling. When the triggers are activated, they excite the installation that they are part of.

This excitation is not limited to a local effect. It also feeds into a  dynamical system composed of seven interacting massesAs all elements are interconnected by their reciprocal interactions, energy will propagate through the system, and therefore through the exhibition space. Each action will spread and leave a trace, possibly causing other installations to react at a later time.


Through this reciprocal interaction, metaphorical and actual connections are drawn between the works, the gallery space and the external world. The whole exhibition reveals itself as a system which senses and unfolds, continuously re-weaving and regenerating itself. The evolving state of the dynamical system is transposed into a visual effect — the intermittent glowing of hanging light bulbs in a dark room in the basement of the gallery.