This contribution considers perception as a human information flow from an artistic and artistic research perspective. Perception is not only understood as a biochemical and conditionable gateway to many cognitive, philosophical, neuroscientific, communication-theoretical, and social aspects of life. It enables the creation of inner and collective images on a metacognitive level. Due to the difficulty of measuring the corresponding phenomena, this contribution does not comply with scientific methodology and serves to develop the topic.

From the artist's point of view, perception is the most basic tool of all.


The context of artistic research makes it easier to understand the human body not only as a practical container for the transport of highly individual and possibly unique thoughts and feelings. But as a creative organ and rather an instrument that can perceive and process information decentralized in parallel. In terms of an instrument, the human body can act both as a high-precision tool and a resonating body (Klangkörper). The human flow of information can therefore go into depth as well as begin to oscillate.

The development of this theoretical framework is part of the project: 60D, Resonance of a Room of Perception.