Digital thesis:



Department : Bachelor ArtScience

Name : Muireann Nic an Bheatha

Title : From the Womb to Fake Tits

Subtitle : How plastic lives with, through and in-between us




Department: Bachelor Fine Art

Name : Bo Wielders

Title : Settling in Stories, Cities, and other Structures;

Subtitle : researching exclusion within the field of urbanism




Department : Bachelor Graphic Design

Name : Olga Elliot Schou

Title : A Tale of Two Mermaids

Subtitle : Disrupting Narratives of Danish Colonization




Department : Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

Name : Kaja Hribšek

Title : The Organization of Power through Architecture and the Creation of Abstract Spaces influenced by Ideology




Department : Bachelor Interactive Media Design

Name : Pamela Varela

Title : body politics body poetics

Subtitle : from the body object to the body subject




Department : Bachelor Photography

Name : Lilli Weinstein

Title : Blush in all colors of the brightest sunset

Subtitle : A Timid Exploration of The Invisible Treasures Inside Our Shells




Department       : Bachelor Textile & Fashion

Name                : Max Willebrand Westin

Title:                 : Longing for the Now


Digital thesis:





Master Artistic Research

Department : Artistic Research

Name : Leonie Brandner

Title : Dreaming in the Museum

Subtitle : Potted Plants as Indicators of Trauma in Museological Settings\




Department : Master INSDE (Interior Architecture)

Name : Tereza Chronakova

Title : This is the Countryside

Subtitle  : Exploring the Czech countryside’s spatial and social challenges through the lenses of one small village in South Bohemia




Department : Master Industrial Design

Name : Lucie Ponard

Title : Untangling Stories in Earth layers





Department : Master Non Linear Narratives

Name : Dario di Paolantonio

Title : In terra incognita

Subtitle : A path opened by multiple divergent worlds




Department :  MA Photography & Society

Name : Thana Faroq

Title : There is a Blue Sky Today and No Rain

Subtitle : Interior Landscapes of Women in Exile in the Netherlands 




Department : Master Type & Media

Name : Ivo Brouwer

Title : Revival