BA ArtScience


Department: Bachelor ArtScience


Name: Gökay Atabek


Title: Feasibility of Importing Frozen Salmon


Subtitle: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding

If It Is a Feasible Idea to Import Ten Metric Tonnes MSC Certificate

Compliant Frozen Salmon Cubes through Alibaba Into Europe




BA Fine Arts


Department: Bachelor Fine Arts


Name: Karolina Rupp


Title: I wanted to write about the Sublime




BA Graphic Design


Department: Bachelor Graphic Design


Name: NicolaiSchmelling


Title: Hot Monster Compost




BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design


Department: Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design


Name: Cristina Palicari


Title: Consuming the World




BA Interactive Media Design


Department: Bachelor Interactive Media Design


Name: Marlot Meyer


Title: Embodied Multi{(Body; Space; Time; Performance;)}




BA Photography


Department: Bachelor Photography


Name: Ashleigh Wilson


Title: Of Song and Suffering. Tales from the Realm of the Abject




BA Textile and Fashion


Department    : Bachelor Textile & Fashion


Name              : Inge Vaanderin


Title                 : The Ambiguous Relationship between Human and Object



Link to thesis



MA Artistic Research 

Department    : Master Artistic Research

Name              : Adele Dipasquale

Title                 : All The Stories We Might Tell



MA ArtScience

Department    : Master ArtScience

Name              : Sebastien Robert

Title:                : Exploration or appropriation

Subtitle           : The position of contemporary sound artist towards Indigenous music.


MA Industrial Design 

Department    : Master Industrial Design

Name              : Honor Newman

Title:                : Contents



MA INSIDE Interior Architecture

Department    : Master Interior Architecture

Name              : Mary Farwy

Title                 : Spaces of Unknown

Subtitle           : Proposing a new ‘normal’ to out-grid norms in spaces


MA Photography & Society:

Department    : MA Photography & Society

Name              : Ana Nuñez Rodriguez

Title                 : Cooking patata stories


MA None Linear Narrative 

Department     : Master Non Linear Narrative

Name           : Cyan Bae

Title                 : The-Intimate-Voice


MA Type and Media

Department    : Master Type and Media

Name              : Céline Hurka

Titel                 : Super Grotesk