About the Research Catalogue

For artistic research, the mode of presentation of research results is essential, and traditional formats for research documentation are not designed for this field of research. Internationally, the Research Catalogue (RC) is the most prominent solution offered and provides an online, open access, rich media platform for research and educational purposes.

RC is owned and operated by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR).

The RC enables artists/researchers to deviate from the standard format of journal articles and/or research repositories/archives:

  • because images and sounds are not subordinate to, but fundamentally on par with the text;

  • because of the possibility provided to break out of the linear narrative structure;

  • because it facilities a continuous and collaborative research activity from initial findings to fully elaborated publications.

The RC offers the researcher an online platform in which sound, images, video and text can be combined in an integrated format for presentation, and in which the visual disposition and the focus on different media formats can be decided by the author herself/himself.

During 2018 a new responsive, linear, text based mode has been developed, with a structure that can flexible incorporate media files in a text organised presentation form. This mode is specific developed for read out on mobile devices.

The RC now facilitates both individual research outcomes in the form of expositions (there is more than 14.000 registered users at the RC), as well as a range of portal solutions including:

  • Institutional repositories/archives, displayed within an international research environment;

  • Software solution for online rich media journals, such as RUUKU, Journal for Sonic Studies, VIS and Journal for Artistic Research;

  • A teaching/learning platform on research activities, where both the supervision and the examination takes place within the RC;

  • A research management module for handling research funding application within a closed portal – including assessment, decision making and storage, which can be further extended to handle applications for doctoral studies as well as doctoral supervision and examination for those parts of final results that shall be documented and stored.

The Research Catalogue server is operated at KTH's IT-department in Stockholm, and both the software and all data are stored at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, with daily back-up procedures.

The Society for Artistic Research (SAR) is a non-profit membership organisation established in 2010, with the aim to foster artistic research: To nurture, connect and disseminate artistic research as specific practices of creating knowledge and insight.

SAR operates with individual and institutional membership and institutional portal

partners. SAR main activities include:

  • Owns and operates the Research Catalogue – RC;

  • Publishes the online Journal for Artistic Research – JAR;

  • Organises events for the membership, special interest groups (under the umbrella of the SAR Academy) and a line of seminars for national funding agencies supporting artistic research;

  • Annual Conferences in co-operation with a local host institution

To become a member or portal partner with SAR please contact us on this address: info@societyforartisticresearch.org