Torben Snekkestad
improvisation, AI, poetic and sensuous learning, embodiment, artistic research, cultural appropriation, counterpoint, rhizome, methodology, Multiplicities
Marinos Koutsomichalis
Media Art, sound studies, generative art, landscape
Matilde Meireles
Extended listening, Multi-sensoriality in sound, Physicality of the virtual, Participation and collaboration in Sound Art, Documentation as a creative tool, Place-making, field recording
Ingrid Rundberg
visual communication, design, Design research, artistic research
Michael Wolters
experimental composition, Performance art, visual music
Matthew Galea
Sculpture, Cross Media Systems, Mixed Reality Systems, Sound Art, Sound Sculpture, Social Sculpture, Hybrid Interfaces and Interaction Modalities, Interactive Art Practice, Artificial Consciousness, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Awareness, Alternative Platforms and Archives.
Veerle Van der Sluys
interaction design, interplay design&science, interplay design&technology
Xavier Mendik
Representations in cult and horror cinema, Images of terrorism in cult film traditions, Documentary film practices, Italian cinema and society, Culture and conflict in Canadian film
Vinny Jones
scenography, light, senses
Gabriel Marques
design, technology, Internet
Andrea Kristoffersen
school, design, study