David Rych
migration, political aesthetics, politics of memory, political film, Anthropocene, migrant aesthetic, documentary, Documentary experimental, documentary film, document theory, Documentary storytelling, aesthetic journalism, Media Arts, media archeology
Sarah Black
Family-art making, ethics, Maternal Ethics, Installation Art, dance, Feminist Ethics
Alexios Brailas
Systems theory, Complexity, reflective practice, qualitative research, art-based research, group processes, digital artistic research
Charlotta Ruth
repetition, liveness, documentation, ludic structures, choreography, participation, collaboration
Zubin Kanga
Contemporary Music, Technology in Performance, Performance Practice, Music and Multimedia, interdisciplinary performance, interdisciplinary music, piano
Ans Mertens
art, Film-making, audiovisual installation, Curatorial Studies
Gender studies, dance;, dancefilm, performance, performativity
Austeja Platukyte
Bioart, biodesign, materials, ecology, Climate Change, Anthropocene, Biodegradable objects, material futures, circular design, organic materials, living materials, 3d bioprinting, grown materials, hybrid materials, material design, living design objects
Morgane Clément-Gagnon
photography, self-portraiture