Nicole De Brabandere
Affect; Embodiment; Experimentation; Media and Material Practice
Trond Lossius
sound art, installation, audio-visual, field recording, ambisonics, place, real-time, spatial audio, artistic research
Alexandra murray-leslie
artscience, artistic research, artistic processes, Craft, performance
Alexander Rishaug
field recording, acoustic ecology, sound art, listening, deep listening, improvisation, experimental music
Matthew Galea
Sculpture, Cross Media Systems, Mixed Reality Systems, Sound Art, Sound Sculpture, Social Sculpture, Hybrid Interfaces and Interaction Modalities, Interactive Art Practice, Artificial Consciousness, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Awareness, Alternative Platforms and Archives.
Louise Walleneit
artwork, artistic research, art practice, art education, aesthetics, Body based art, bodytalk, body language, digital art, participatory arts, intervention, textile, McLuhan, bodyextension, Hartmut Rosa, Birgit Schneider, performance, Derrida, Franz Erhard Walter, Rebecca Horn, Mona Hatoum
Richard Alsadi
Qanun performance, Middle East, Ancient instruments, extended techniques, Qanun, soundscape composition
Fulya Uçanok
Response-able sounding practices with humans and more-than-humans, practices of material agency with instruments, accessibility without popularization, spaces of heterogeneous multivalences, and mechanisms of mediation, within the medium of electroacoustic music aesthetics, composition and performance practices.
Eduardo Gaspar Polo Baader
Early music, crossmodal correspondences, new music, contemporary music, traverso, french baroque, interdisciplinarity, transdiciplinarity
E Stifjell
music, composition, loudspeaker technology
Nina Goedegebure
art, science and art