Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni
Alex Arteaga
aesthetic practice, aesthetic epistemology, architecture, sound
Christopher Williams
Experimental music, improvisation, notation, phenomenology, Fluxus, sound and space
Karin Ekberg
documentary, FILM
Christina Stadlbauer
interspecies, urban, honeybees, biodiversity, transformation, ritual, kin tsugi
Edmund Hunt
contemporary music, electroacoustic music, composition, computer music, Chamber music, composition process, contemporary dance, opera, voice and live electronics, voice, Live-electronics, Orchestra, Language
Andreas Borregaard
music, accordion, performance
Alexios Brailas
Systems theory, Complexity, reflective practice, qualitative research, art-based research, group processes, digital artistic research
Thaís Amorim Aragão
Media studies, sound studies, urban space
Laura Gonzalez
breath, performance, artistic research, art practice, hysteria, psychoanalysis, Lacan, Freud, yoga, dance, choreography and performance
Andrew Knight-Hill
Sound Art Sound-Space, electroacoustic music, electroacoustic composition
Kiana dekkers