Vytautas Michelkevicius
post-photography, diagram, mapping, post-colonial, Media Arts, artistic research, artistic epistemology
Laura McGough
Media Art, Liveness, New Media
Marion Reuter
acting, presentation, representation, Perception and Consciousness, courage, vulnerability, improvisation
Rhiannon Jones
artistic research, dialogue, socially engaged art, conversations, practice as research, performance, Visual and Performing Arts
Nicolas Pierre Alexandre (NPA) Roudier
Horn, Early music, early music performance, Early Music research, historically informed performance, historical horn, natural horn, instrumental teaching, instrumental technique, instrumental manufacture, history of music
Imani Rameses
Neuroaesthetics, phenomenlogy, emotional communication, Choreographic Research, consciousness, interdisciplinarity, philosophy, neuroscience, psychogeography
Susana Castro Gil
Transcreation, Contemporary Colombian Art, contemporary music, multimedia, virtuoso
Ramon Parramon
art, social space, Peripheral Spaces and Voices
D.A. Calf
sound, sonic materialism, Spatial Practice, archival practice, balkan history, french history, Language, serialisation, contested territories, Memory culture, memory politics, Sound Design, the quotidian, composition, memory, time studies, geology, archaeology
Vemund Holmeset