Hanna Järvinen
dance;, dance history, performance, re-enactment, reconstruction, re-imaginations, epistemology, Authorship, Foucault, power structures, canonicity, stardom
Assi Karttunen
musical gesture, embodiment, historically informed performance, Performance studies, phenomenology
Rafal Hanzl
filmmaking, digital art, creativity, creativity process, film development, pre-production, previsualization, virtual reality, visual art, VFX, visuals, visual effects, storyline, emotional communication, compositing, HDRI, new media art, new technologies, postmodernism, film, contemporary media, conceptual art, digital imaging, storytelling, new media, computer-generated imagery
Electa Behrens
voice, voicing, vocal expression, Vocal performance, vocal performance philosophy, Contemporary performance, interaction and immersion, Spaces
Marion Reuter
acting, presentation, representation, Perception and Consciousness, courage, vulnerability, improvisation
Anneli Kustfält
Documentary processes, interview processes, archives
composition, music aesthetics, Music analysis, Musical Cultures, Music philosophy, computer music, musicology, Judaic Studies, Spinoza, philosophy
Ann Kroon
urban exploration, urban space, visual sociology, architectural photography, autoethnography
Hwa Young Jung
art, artistic research, socially engaged art, Social Practice, criminology
Saskia de Wildt
arts-based research, ethnography, visual ethnography, environmental humanities, Politics of knowledge, critical discourse analysis, Global development studies, sustainability
Roger Heaton
Contemporary art music performance