Phil Sawdon
drawing, drawing research
Justy Phillips
Publishing as art practice, artistic research, Writing as artistic research, more-than-human
Vahri McKenzie
Theories and practices of contemporary performing arts, Artistic research design and methodologies, Theories and practices of writing, Artistic responses to science and technology, Improvisation, collaboration and embodiment in creativity
Gerriet K. Sharma
Spatial Aesthetics in Sound, Sound Art Sound-Space, performance
Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk
theatre, performance, Composed Theatre, Dramaturgy, documentary
Marjolijn Rijks
phenomenology, Deleuze, visual art, structure, eyes, mycology
Anders-Petter Andersson
music, interactive art, interactive sound and music, multi-sensory environments, Tangible Interaction, sensorial interaction, Media Arts, relational aesthetics, Health
Jakub Jan Ceglarz
Layers, art, queer theory, Foucault, performance; landscape; video; sound; installation, Golding, Palimpsest, continental philosophy
Elisa De Toffol
vocality, performance, singing
Carmen Raffaela Küster
circus, performance, design thinking, aerial acrobatics, Body Mind Soul, body & object relationship, nature, trees
Anne-Sofie Emilie Belling
technology, techno/organic, design=art=research, design fiction
Jakub Pesek
music production, Accessibility, art of sound, haptic
Laura Gonzalez
breath, performance, artistic research, art practice, hysteria, psychoanalysis, Lacan, Freud, yoga, dance, choreography and performance
Louise Walleneit
artwork, artistic research, art practice, art education, aesthetics, Body based art, bodytalk, body language, digital art, participatory arts, intervention, textile, McLuhan, bodyextension, Hartmut Rosa, Birgit Schneider, performance, Derrida, Franz Erhard Walter, Rebecca Horn, Mona Hatoum
Nayeli Vazquez Bertely
choreography and performance, dance, choreographic thinking, Dance education, embodiment