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Untitled* [version-copy for maintenance] (2022) Erika Matsunami
Untitled* is practise-based artistic research, which is the exploration of geometry in drawing, notaion and sound composition (virtuality) and spatial installation and performance (physicality). Its spatiality will explore in the context of visual arts and architecture in terms of the cross-disciplinary between Music and visual arts, that is through an intervention between two disciplines of visual arts and music towards architecture (design) methodically.
open exposition
Urban Hub (2022) Erika Matsunami
Urban Hub: Artistic research Urban hub is focused on materiality and its semiotics and the construct of syntax from the aspect of cognitive linguistics. The research fields are architecture, visual arts and music. Research methods are thereby interventional between different disciplines and work in progress. Project Urban Hub Foundation (Work in Progress): Urban Hub Foundation (art in public space, concept, research, production with an architect Hans-Gard Rudat, m.a.l.v.) - Common:balance:act, Hans-Gerd Rudat - Urban Hub Stripes, Hans-Gerd Rudat - Urban choreography (gesture), Erika Matsunami Urban choreography is a cognitive-based concept as the gesture, which applies to disability in the city also. Research collaborators: Architecture: Hans-Gard Rudat, m.a.l.v., N.N (Engineering) Visual arts: Erika Matsunami Music: Erika Matsunami, N.N (Sound Engineering as well as Informatics) For implementation, today everything is by engineering, even if it is in biology or economy.
open exposition
EU4ART_differences (2022) Anna Lorenzana, Manuel Macía, Elena Giulia Rossi, Veronica Di Geronimo, FRANCO RIPA DI MEANA, Claudia Reichert
The EU4ART Alliance was created by four art academies in Dresden, Rome, Budapest and Riga. The Alliance is convinced that there is a great need for further strengthening the perspectives of fine arts as a culturally, socially and scientifically engaged approach towards a transdisciplinary discourse on society, sciences and humanities, and knowledge and thinking in general. The EU-funded EU4ART_differences project will work to raise each partner’s research profile and promote a high-level culture of artistic research in developing new programmes for postgraduate students and artistic researchers. It is guided by two pillars: knowledge transfer, and building artistic research units and graduate schools that will become part of the shared doctoral and postgraduate research community. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016460.
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Vietnamese Diasporic Voices: Exploring Yellow Music in a Liminal Space. (2022) Nguyen Thanh Thuy
This exposition seeks to identify artistic strategies and challenges in intercultural experimentation with nhạc vàng (yellow music)—a Vietnamese popular music genre. It builds on the author’s experience as a professional musician and đàn tranh player on the Vietnamese traditional music scene, and on her long-term international and intercultural collaborations with performers and composers, as a member of the Vietnamese/Swedish group The Six Tones. In three video essays, the exposition presents the artistic process developed by the participating artists, and an analysis of how these strategies relate to the rule systems of traditional and popular music in Vietnam.
open exposition
Tree of Dawn: Translation as a Method (2022) Aurora Del Rio
This research is part of my doctoral project Archetypes of Contamination, which focuses on the relationship between symbolic images and processes of environmental transformation. This exposition, Tree of Dawn, develops by looking for the correspondence between radioactive contamination and the traditional Latvian image of the Sun-Tree as found in the Dainas, an ancient form of poetry transmitted orally through songs. My artistic process uses a re-creation and re-interpretation of ritualistic practices. With a focus on radioactive contamination, my research looks at how the experience of contaminated spaces can be read through specific myths connected to the land to interfere with the creation of personal and collective realities. The exposition moves through methods of translation as a way of reflecting on the limits of knowledge, where translation is thought of in the wider senses of transposition, deciphering, decoding, and reading through.
open exposition
Tradering, oppløsing (2022) Ingfrid Breie Nyhus
TRADITIONING, DISSOLVING: What does 'traditioning' mean, what can the 'traditioned' become? On exploring rules and possible spaces in tradition and creation. To Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, the apparently impossible combination of folk music and grand piano, is a creatively generative musical situation. The rules of the 'slått' tradition are transposed to a new space in the grand piano, and the rules of the grand piano are destabilized in the meeting with the 'slått'. This exposition unfolds questions, reflections and new questions, from a longer process with the music "Slåttepiano".
open exposition

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