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XRW (Implicature) (2024) Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni
Sketchbook of 53 A3 drawings with coloured markers, including 4 A3 collages with newspaper cutouts and printed photos. Sketchbook cover with red nail polish. 22 A4 drawings with ballpoint pen. Preparatory work, 2023-2024. Although dealing with dark subject matter, I adopted the visual vocabulary of the graphic novel, which I partly studied and read a lot about looking at different graphic artists' work, when I was attending classes at the University of Malmo, Sweden, in 2012. This visual approach gives a slightly comical note to the subject.
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Pondering with Pines - Miettii Mäntyjen Kanssa - Funderar med Furor (2024) Annette Arlander
This exposition documents my explorations of pondering with pine trees. Tämä ekspositio dokumentoi yritykseni miettiä mäntyjen kanssa. Den här ekspositionen dokumenterar mina försök att fundera med furor.
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Drawing Across x Along x Between x University Borders (2024) DRAWinU
CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF PORTO. October 16, 17, 18th, 2024 :: Drawing Across :: Along :: Between University Borders considers the epistemological and transformative potential of drawing research to connect divergent areas in the university today. The conference focuses on drawing-based collaborations between art, science and society to tackle artistic, educational and societal challenges. We invite artists, scientists, educators, students, university policymakers and persons interested in inter-transdisciplinary practices across academia, research, and society to contribute and join the discussion in three possible directions: ACROSS - In what ways are drawing practitioners challenging the disciplinary strictures that often constrain thinking and acting across divergent areas in the university? ALONG - How can drawing activities be an ally of STEM education in the university, and how can STEM practices be an ally of drawing education? BETWEEN - How can drawing-based practices and STEM disciplines collaborate to address the urgency of societal challenges?
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Home page JSS (2024) Journal of Sonic Studies
Home page of the Journal of Sonic Studies
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JSS Book reviews (2024) Journal of Sonic Studies
JSS Book reviews
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Da imagem ausente (2024) Ludgero Almeida
O projeto apresenta-se como uma investigação centrada nas reverberações da prática artística diante dos arquivos institucionais e privados e de imagens e objetos-vestígios encontrados no Vale do Ave (Portugal), relacionados à história, ao imaginário e à memória do itinerário do algodão e da indústria têxtil algodoeira neste território. Através de caminhadas, do respigo de imagens, documentos e objetos e de um processo crítico de fabulação ativam-se linguagens artísticas que questionam as narrativas e discursos monolíticos prevalecentes nos modos como a história se constrói e instituí nos espaços de enunciação pública, formando as identidades regionais e nacionais e os imaginários sociais e coletivos. Problematiza-se assim as ausências e os negativos produzidos por uma história monumental, como espaços aporéticos mas ao mesmo tempo produtivos e agenciadores de outras narrativas potenciais acerca do passado, do presente e do futuro. English: From the absent image The project presents a research centred on the reverberations of artistic practice in the face of institutional and private archives, images and trace objects found in Vale do Ave (Portugal), related to the history, imagery and memory of the itinerary of cotton and the textile industry in this territory. Through walking, gleaning of images, documents and objects, and a critical process of fabulation, artistic languages are activated, questioning the prevailing monolithic narratives and discourses on how history is constructed and instituted in public spaces, forming regional and national identities and social and collective imaginaries. In this way, the absences and negatives produced by a monumental history are problematised as aporetic spaces that are simultaneously productive and agents of other potential narratives of the past, present and future. Download Accessible PDF
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