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Muestra de obra tesis doctoral (2021) Federico Eisner Sagüés
Esta exposición está dedicada a presentar los materiales producidos durante mi investigación doctoral.
open exposition
Collaborative Music Creation (2021) Karst de Jong
COLLABORATIVE MUSIC CREATION: leading conservatory students in musical creation processes This research is about the development of active autonomous creativity among conservatory students in classical departments. In this exposition I will discuss the nature of collaborative creation processes, and critically investigate my own role as a coach and facilitator of these processes in order to better understand how ideas are being generated, developed and ultimately shaped into a performed piece. The investigation will be illustrated with a selected number of projects I have been involved in during the years 2017-2020.
open exposition
In a Place like this (2021) Johan Sandborg, Duncan Higgins
In A place Like This sets out to investigate and expand the issues and critical discourses within Sandborg and Higgins' current collaborative research practice. The central focus for the research is concerned with how art, in this instance photographic and painted image making and text, can be used as an agent or catalyst of understanding and critical reflection. The research methodology is constructed through photography, painting, drawing and text. This utilises the form of an artist publication as a point of critically engaged dissemination: a place for the tension between conflicting ideas and investigation to be explored through discussion. The research question is focused on how the production of the image and the act of making images can communicate or describe moments of erasure or remembering in terms of historical and personal narratives with direct reference to moments of violence and place. This is seen not in terms of a nostalgic remembrance of the past; instead as one that is rife with complicated layers and dynamics where recognition is denied the ability to locate a physical representation. Embedded in this is an exploration of particular questions concerning the ethics of representation: the depiction of ourselves and other? In this sense it brings into question an examination of the act of remembering as a thing in itself, through the production of the image and text, contexts of knowledge and cultural discourses explored through the form of an artists publication.
open exposition

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Good Morning! Good Day! Good Afternoon! Good Evening! Good Night! (2021) Anna Nurmela
Process of a workshop organized by Aalto ARTS, Experimental Scenography Workshop that explores the Peripheries in Parallax. This exposition is based on an artistic research that was done between 05.10.2020-10.04.2021. Including process ideas, photos and final exhibition, Matter. Work title: Good Morning! Good Day! Good Afternoon! Good Evening! Good Night! Peripheries in Parallax: BRAVE NEW PERIPHERIES is organised by the four-year “Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense of place” artistic research project funded by the Academy of Finland (2017–2021). Read more on
open exposition
in the flesh (2021) Virpi Nieminen
In this exposition I reflect on an artistic research project I conducted from fall 2020 through spring 2021, as a student of scenography in Aalto University. The base for the artistic research project was the idea of corporality, touch, flesh, materiality and aesthetics as something excessive and peripheral in the context of the Aalto University campus. I explored bodily excesses by working with sculptural objects formed by bodycasting, a method that produces a surplus of bodyparts. I was also interested in the process of working with my hands, and working through touching and being with the sculptural objects and materials. As the process evolved the questions came to circulate around the issues of knowledge and the unknown. What kind of knowledge can working with these objects and materials lead me toward? Can that knowledge be articulated into language? How to work with things that language doesn't reach? The research project was executed aside the peripheries in parallax: BRAVE NEW PERIPHERIES -conference organised by the four-year “Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense of place” artistic research project.
open exposition
Crisis Collective - Elina Mikkila (2021) Jonas Howden Sjøvaag, Deniz Peters, Anne-Helen Mydland
Presentation for the cancelled conference "Crisis Collective". Created as an exposition by Jonas Sjøvaag, Author name is listed in the title.
open exposition

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