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Ester Viktorina (2023) Malin O Bondeson
In this work, I want to show some excerpts from my grandmother's patriarchal resistance. The narrative and the photographs will be at the center. They will clarify Esters Lindberg's attempt to negotiate and renegotiate her position within the usual norm. The narratives and photographs will hopefully give an expanded understanding of what it could be like to live as a woman with a desire for freedom in Sweden during the early 20th century.
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HydroFiles (2023) Lia Mazzari
Part of the Polyphonic Landscapes artisttic research project at Zone2Source Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), and in collaboration with ArtEZ professorhsip Theory in the Arts/ ArtEZ University (NL). ‘HydroFiles’ explores how live audio streaming engenders different modalities of being and listening with environments, in this case the waterways of Amsterdam. At a time of digital saturation and accelerating planetary crisis, my project investigates the affordances and limitations of live audio streaming, making contributions to creative discourses on environmental sound and developing new approaches and compositional strategies for engaging audiences in listening events.
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Passions of Utopia (2023) Johannes Rydinger, Nicia Ivonne Fernandez Grijalva, Yasmin Henra van Dorp
The Passions of Utopia is a collaborative artistic research project exploring futuremaking and storytelling through the lens of a 360-camera and telenovela tropes. By using the cynical, plastical and exaggerated form of the telenovela we are trying to explore themes such as future, desire and truth. Part of the process led to a 20 minutes VR-experience where the audience can take part in a immersive telenovela. It was also showed at ETC Solpark as a part of the interdisciplinary exposition and publication Awesome Arrarat Throguh a web of different methods, where classic film production work flows and 360-action camera filmmaking is weaved together with site specific installations, we also want to explore narratives that contribute to fiction storytelling through VR in a playful way The team consists of Yasmin Van Dorp, Nicia Fernández and Johannes Rydinger, students at the masterprogram The Art of Impact at Stockholm University of the Arts
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The Garage Tapes (2023) Tor Einar Bekken
Exploring the sound of the parking garage in the building where I live, using cheap Casio electric keyboards, low end melodicas and a recorder. All instruments, electronic or not, have been played live in the garage as if they were purely acoustic instruments, making this an artistic exposition exclusively, intended to make people consider and reflect upon what can be done with humble instruments in the right sonic environment. Videos shot with an iPhone 5. No overdubs, mix, mastering or other tampering with the actual sound.
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RAPP Lab Outcomes (2023) Evelyn Buyken, Carla Conti, Sybille Fraquelli, Stella Louise Goeke, Ivar Grydeland, Johannes Kretz, Theodore Parker
RAPP Lab was a three-year EU-funded research project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme "Strategic Partnerships". RAPP stands for "Reflection based Artistic Professional Practice". The project took forward through a series of multi-national encounters described as Labs. RAPP Lab explored how the reflective methodologies of Artistic Research empower musicians to creatively respond to the economic-cultural environment with which they are confronted. The project brought together the Artistic Research expertise of seven partner institutions in six different European states: Association Européenne des Conservatoires – AEC Bruxelles, Belgium Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia Rome, Italy Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia Tallinn, Estonia Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Cologne, Germany (as Coordinator) mdw – Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, Vienna, Austria Norges musikhøgskole, NMH Oslo, Norway Orpheus Instituut Ghent, Belgium
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