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"Plant Wide Web" Immersions and performative experiences, a path towards a way of being with the world of plants. (2023) Ponce de León Marisa
This exposition contains the audiovisual results obtained during my doctorate studies at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. It shows some of what I call “immersions”, which where situations that influenced my connection with plants and six “performative experiences”, resulting from a quest to interpret, in a performance ritual, the subjective impressions I experienced during the process of performance creation regarding my relationship with plants. As these results were mostly documented through video, audio and photographs, I decided to use this platform as a medium to share these moments that were central to this artistic research.
open exposition
Performing/Transforming Practices - LCA perspectives on filmproduction within in the context of performative artistic research (2023) Lina Persson
A collaboration between Anna Björklund, associate professor/docent, Dept. of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED), KTH and Lina Persson, Researcher, Department of film and media, Stockholm Uniarts. We aim to monitor and evaluate the life cycle climate impact of practices in film and media, in research and education at Stockholm Uniarts on two levels, on an individual researcher’s level and on an organisational level with student’s teams. As a first step, we will monitor and evaluate the impact of these artistic processes and as a second step we will develop new tools and documents that can support students in shifting their productions towards films with smaller climate footprint. The tools will enable the students to carry out performative productions, using their creativity to stay within set sustainability limitations, finding new ways to make films and to let, the story, the experience, of that process accompany them in the coming productions. The joint conclusions of the collaboration will be interwoven with Persson’s research project Climate-Just Worldings where the performativity of fictional story-worlds and how they can interact with an organization’s reality is explored. become part of the climate-just narrative developed within Persson’s project. We also aim to develop an app tool to make the documentation process more intuitive. The documentation of this process will also be continuously available to the public online.
open exposition
All that glitters and black holes (2023) Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni
Design, 1995-96, 2023. Design, 1996-97. Photography, 2010, 2011. Essay, 2015. Collage Text, 2022. The exposition serves as commentary and guide on the place of art, in a gradually environmentally and technologically challenged world. The re-design proposal, inspired by De Stijl, illustrates the modernist historical view that art appears to be regressive, rather than progressive: as soon as a movement or a school becomes established, reaching its culmination, it starts declining. With essay about experimental film making in the British avant-garde, published in "Architecture and Culture" journal, 2015. About how to navigate this exposition: Scroll from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, then scroll to the top right, then scroll to the bottom right.
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ILUF/Never forget that we met@internet (2023) Normann Hanna
Together with an artistic team I’ve been working with stalking as a concept, examining ”who is stalking who? Using multible media. This is my Individual project degree on the master's programme in acting, 120 credits. Stockholm University of the arts. 2022-23. Supervisor Ulrika Malmgren. I’m showing the process on a timeline, with two different parts. Part 2, is from a serie of examining stalking as a phenomeno, film and performance. Part 1, as an inspiration for part 2, showing my character work and process with ”ICON” (Nico (Christa Päffgen) a Factory model and singer in The Velvet underground.) The probs in the picture are inspired by the probs we where using in the movie, a cherrytree. In a seminarie about stop motion I made a musicvideo in clay. A cherryflower.
open exposition
What is the ART of ADHD Social Media Acting - and how is it artistically relevant for everyone to know? (2023) Alexander Lindman
I'm on the path to deneurotypicalize acting technique and understand what a social media actor might be and do and and if there is or should be a difference between a neurotypical and neurodiverse way of applying oneself and communicate with said audience on said platform(s)? During my work I coined the term 'deneurotypicalize' and a definition of art as ART. Welcome to my exposition: This part is more to be seen as an extended documentation over my 2 years and also as a compendium to my master thesis published on DIVA and my performance lecture 2nd of May at Stockholm University of the Arts. And/or a thing of its own. Both the exposition-documentation and the master's thesis is also in this exposition.
open exposition
by division and differentiation (2023) Carolina Grilo Santos
“by division and differentiation” is a speculative fiction or a document on the daily life as an outsider. Presented as video art, this project is the result of a residency program crossing scientific and artistic research that reveals imaging reflections, detected gestures, and alienated thoughts. An inner monologue sets the tone for travels among accounts, wanders, and memories, invoking the divergences and parallelisms between reality and imagination. There are twisty borders in the millimeters of tension of what is visible to the naked eye and what can only be seen through the machine, between what can be touched without danger and what’s endangered — in science and art. Surrounded by volumes of data that are phenomena for others, dances of precise injections and light beams, we have lost count of the time we have been here. This work is a result of project 2SMART, engineered Smart materials for Smart citizens, with reference NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000054, supported by Norte Portugal Regional Operational Programme (NORTE 2020), under the PORTUGAL 2020 Partnership Agreement, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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