RSS Feeds

The Research Catalogue supports RSS feeds either for all public research or for public research of a specific portal. Use the select box below to generate a url, which can be used to fetch or link to the RSS file.

Link to the RSS feed with a standard link

A standard HTML link is the easiest way to link to a RSS file. The link can be a simple text link, such as:

     <a href="">RC Feed</a>

You can also use use a feed icon along with or as your link. Free feed icons are available from sites such as Feed icons can be integrated into your link in the same way as standard images:

     <a href=""><img
        src="" alt="RC Feed"/></a>

Add Feed to HTML

Many modern browsers detect RSS feeds and allow users to subscribe to them. An additional tag in your HTML link will enable feed detection:

     <link href="" rel="alternate"
        type="application/rss+xml" title="RC Feed"/a>

This will enable the web browser to show the feed and provide a link to it. For example, if activated, Firefox will display an rss icon in the navigation toolbar.

Parse Feed and customize output

Once it is parsed, the RSS feed can also be fully integrated into a web page. It is easiest to use free libraries to parse the feed. For example, in PHP libraries that can be used include SimplePie, Last RSS or PHP Universal Feed Parser. To use any of those libraries, you will need basic PHP, HTML and CSS skills. Good luck!

Feed structure

The xml structure of the feed follows general RSS specifications. The structure and possible values for the research entries are described below:

Tag Description Example
title The title of a research. RESEARCH CATALOGUE TUTORIAL
keywords The keywords of a research. music, tutorial
link The link to the presentation view of a research.
author The creator name of the research. John Doe
description The abstract of a research. This exposition contains instructions and support for the use of the Research Catalogue.
pubDate The publish date of a research. For not published researches the field does not exist Sun, 10 Dec 17 00:00:00 +0100
issue The issue of a published research. For not published researches the field does not exist. 14
publishedIn The portal names (multiple possible) in which a research was published. For not published researches the field does not exist. <portal>Journal for Artistic Research</portal>
doi The doi of a published research. For not published researches the field does not exist. 10.22501/jar.123456
status The current status of the research. Possbile values are: progress, review, published, republish. published
enclosure The preview media file of the research. Empty if no media file was specified. Possible values for the type attribute: image/*, video/mp4, audio/mpeg, application/pdf. <enclosure url="" type="image/jpeg"></enclosure>