Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen

Published research by Staff 2022

Published research by staff 2022

Sonic Complexion (2022) Jacob Anderskov, Niclas Hundahl
The Sonic Complexion project has investigated from an artistic perspective the musical dimensions texture and ‘klang’ (harmony), with the aim of creating new music and new perspectives. The outcomes of the project are a number of new albums, methodologies and perspectives, coming from quite different starting point in terms of how to systematically-artistically investigate texture and harmony.
open exposition
Rooms of Resonance, (2022) Lars Greve
This is the final exposition for Lars Greves artistic research project "Rooms of Resonance" (2019-21), undertaken at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen. The project seeks to investigate the artistic potentials in Greves acoustic solo improvisations, the concert room's acoustics and selected objects, which are brought into vibration. Through experiments and procedural concerts, the research has hoisted artistic, technological and methodological experiences which will be unfolded in this exposition.
open exposition