The Swedish Research Council

About this portal
The Swedish Research Council is a government agency. We fund research and research infrastructure in all scientific disciplines. We are also advisors to the Government on research policy issues and work to increase understanding of the long-term societal benefits of research.

The Swedish Research Council finances practice-related research of the highest scientific quality in artistic research. The Swedish Research Council has a committee for artistic research, consisting of seven researchers representing different areas of competence.

The committee decides which calls will be made in the research area, and which applications will be awarded funds. It produces strategies for the area with the help of experts within and outside Sweden, and arranges an annual symposium aimed at researchers and other actors in the field of artistic research. In 2021, the Swedish Research Council has issued calls for two different grants in artistic research: project grants and international postdoc grants. 12 applications were awarded grants, worth in total 43 million SEK. On the Swedish Research Council’s website, you can find calls, grant decisions, news and research reviews relating to artistic research. Here you can also find some of the year books published by the committee 2004–2017.


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