Anne Arndt

Artist & Researcher
Netherlands (residence), Germany (citizenship)
research interests: Feminism, GDR, architectural research, art, artistic research, DDR
affiliation: Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, MA Artistic Research

Anne Arndt grew up in socialism and post-socialism East Germany. In addition to her BA in Design at the University Niederrhein (DE), she graduated in 2021 with a Diploma in Media and Fine Art at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (DE). Arndt continues her research practice in the artistic research programme at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. She holds an international scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation. 


Anne Arndt considers herself an artist, architectural researcher and contemporary future archaeologist. Arndt’s installation and cross-media work critically question our public living space as a mirror of social power structures. They take an interdisciplinary approach and respond to site-specific conditions.


Arndt values a diverse choice of media, material and techniques in her work.  For each project, the medium is reflected and determined by the research topic and the working method. Resulting in works such as conceptual installations, photography, video, light, smell, 3D printing, Google street view and furniture. Methods she used are walking, narrative interviews as well as archives.


Arndt’s artist practice revolves around the human-modified landscape, identity, memory, and trauma and criticises classicism, capitalism, and anti-feminism. In this process, she uses the female gaze and feminist subjectivity on war architecture and the male-created world. Arndt exhibited in art fairs, festivals, museums, off spaces (non-profit art spaces), galleries and public spaces in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and China.