Carolina Benavente

Chile °1971
research interests: trans/interdisciplinarity in arts humanities and social sciences, artistic-academic editoriality, Contemporary art, Transculturality, Action art, editing
affiliation: Independent

Carolina Benavente is an experimental researcher in arts, literatures and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean. Her artistic activities include creator, coordinator and/or teacher of mainly relational, actionist and graphic initiatives. She holds a Ph.D. in American Studies with a major in Thinking and Culture from Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), Bachelor’s Degrees in History and Political Science from Universidad Católica de Chile (PUCCH), and a Diplomate in University Teaching from Universidad de Valparaíso (UV). She has been the co-founder, editor in chief, and then the director of Panambí. Revista de Investigaciones Artísticas, as well as the co-founder and deputy director of the Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas (UV, 2014-2018). She has published the books África/América: literatura y colonialidad (with Ana Pizarro, org., Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2014), Coordenadas de la investigación artística: sistema, institución, laboratorio, territorio (ed., Cenaltes, 2020) and Escena menor. Prácticas artístico-culturales en Chile, 1990-2015 (Cuarto Propio, 2018). She is a member since its foundation in 2005 of Arte Contemporáneo Asociado Asociación Gremial (ACA AG) and since 2021 of the Society for Artistic Research (SAR).