Guro Kristin Gjøsdal

Transdisciplinary learning and interaction through artistic research
Norway °1981
research interests: Performative research, Art and expression pedagogy, Intercultural pedagogy, Social and emotional competence, Critical pedagogy, Culture and innovation, Curriculum LK20, UN sustainability goals in education, Philosophy of science and ethics, Norwegian Nynorsk for immigrants, A/R/Tography, Norwegian Nynorsk in education, Norwegian Nynorsk as a stage language, Norwegian Nynorsk as a critique of power, Norwegian Nynorsk as democracy and citizenship, The Cultural Schoolbag, Devised Theatre, Theatre in context, Poetic writing, Healing arts, Intersocial Theatre, Senior lecturer student
affiliation: Volda University College, NTNU, Stockhoms konstnärliga högskola


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