Hiba Masad

Jordan °1990
research interests: Storytelling, Printmaking, reading, belonging, Artistic reserach, public space, public art, libraries, archives, identity, Homeland, home, Pain, collective memroy

Hiba Masad studied visual arts at the University of Jordan, specializing in printmaking. Over the past years, she worked as an activity specialist at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation in Amman, Jordan which opened her eyes to the role of arts and literature in developing creative societies. During those years she ran several artistic workshops and activities with children, young adults, and adults alike from various backgrounds of society.

In the art world, Hiba has continued working on her personal art in the form of Drawing and printmaking while focusing on texts she reads and mental health topics as her inspiration. In 2022 Hiba obtained her master degree in Arts in performing public space from Fontys academy of the arts in the Netherlands. In her masters Hiba did a research entitled- Reading as a collective action, which motivated her to complete her research in the form of an initiative for collective readings in the Jordanian public space and work to create a community of collective readers where people can read the text together and discuss topics of interest to the community.


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