craig wells

research interests: Spatial Audio, electroacoustic music, synthesis, materialism, phenomenlogy, field recording, fiction, Speculative Realism, Process Philosophy
affiliation: The Grieg Academy

Craig Wells is a sound artist and composer based in Bergen Norway. His practice focuses on synthesis, sound diffusion, electroacoustic composition and field recording. His research interests oscillate around materialism and phenomenology with particular emphasis placed upon listening and sonic encounter. He works under various artistic monikers such as Refrains, Klunks and Vonrik Haug and has released multiple albums internationally. He presents his research at conferences, institutions and festivals throughout Europe and Asia. He cleaves open the epistemological  consequences of practice led research through exploring the somatic and vibratory production of knowledge. Central to his artistic endeavours is the use of sound as a means to inflect philosophical contemplations in order to understand what forms of thought does sound provoke and agitate. An overarching sentiment of his  artistic research is  reconciling sonic experience with the written word. 


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