Outi Condit

Embodied politics/poetics of the stage
Finland °1977
research interests: body; deconstruction; feminisms; queerz, performance; performativity; subjectivity; affect, theatre, corporeality, power, stage
affiliation: Performing Arts Research Centre, University of Arts Helsinki

Outi Condit is a Helsinki-based actor/performance maker/artistic researcher. Much of her work explores embodied power relations, corporeality, subjectivity, and intimacy within performative arrangements. She is currently doing her artistic doctorate on the embodied politics/poetics of the stage in the Performing Arts Research Centre of the University of Arts Helsinki. Her research project looks for ways to inhabit the problem of how performing bodies are assembled through relational (scenic) configurations and stagings. She is interested in performance matters, poetic matters, scenic matters, feminisms, and queers. 


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