Rob Flint

United Kingdom

Rob Flint is an artist whose research explores the idea of ‘voice’, in spoken, written, and printed form. He is best known for collaborative activity with Christine Sullivan, with whom he has created a series of works investigating description and voice narration, including The Bill Burroughs Memorial Choir, and Conversation Piece in 'Hlysnan' at Casino Luxembourg, in the City of Luxembourg in summer 2014. Recent solo work includes sound wall composition Flock Mnemonics at The Collection in Lincoln in October 2015, Sky Blue, Hyson Green, at New Art Exchange, Nottingham in 2016 and a pair of solo exhibitions following a residency in 2016/17 under the title The Authorities, curated by Jennie Syson at Syson Gallery in Nottingham, and Division of Labour, London. These explore connections and differences between the optical imperative of the image, and the social imperatives of language, optically and sonically embodied in the materials of vision, light, and sound.

In July 2019, he presented a participatory spoken word performance 'Like Work' at the 'Convocation' event in the Research Pavilion in Venice Biennale, which was reprised as 'More Like Work' for the Incidental Assembly event at the South London Gallery later that summer. This work is engaged with the collective voice, as experienced in ritual, theatre, and celebrations where unified declamation is used to add emphasis and rhythm to utterances.