Lars Brinck

Denmark °1957
research interests: Popular music and learning, Research methods and dissemination, ethnography, Collective improvisation
affiliation: Head of Research and Development, Ass Prof, PhD, Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen

For me as an experienced musician and composer, teaching and researching popular music and jazz from a learning perspective has become my main research interest.

My doctoral thesis (see my homepage) mainly took off in a deep interest in spontaneous musical communication within popular music (specifically funk), how it 'takes place' and to learn it. This fx took me to New Orleans to play and to study why and how second line and NOLA funk thrives. Things to consider might include: open musical practices, open and inclusive forms and shapes of music, and mutual ethical responsibility towards others and the music.

At present I study Danish rock bands writing songs together and how we may analyze the musicians' learning processes in dialectic relations with how the music itself changes.