Alexander Komlosi

affiliation: Independent Artistic Researcher

Alexander Komlosi, MFA, Ph.D. is an actor, writer, author, artistic researcher.  He has performed as an actor internationally in his own solo performance work as well as in group performances (Berlin; Czech Republic; Finland; France; USA). He regularly teaches at the Department of Theatre Pedagogy at the University of Arts Helsinki, and has also taught at the Department of Acting in Swedish and Open University. He taught for many years at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He was also founding director of the Prague Summer Theatre School. He has taught workshops in Finland  (e.g., Teatteri Takomo, Svenska Teater, Valtimonteatteri) and internationally (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, NYU, Columbia U, Yale U, University of Colorado - Boulder.).  He has received state and foundation grants artistic and research work in the Czech Republic, Finland and the USA.  He is Chair of a culture and education non-for-profit, Culture Current, which is based in Helsinki, Finland.  He recently completed a year-long postdoc research project at the Performing Arts Research Center (TUTKE), Theatre Faculty, University of the Arts Helsinki funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.  Its title was Performative Well-Being: Performance, Insights, and Transformations.  He is currently working on a performance piece for live and internet peformance based in clown, bouffon, and the solo improvisational method he has developed based on (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner.