Susanne Clausen

United Kingdom (residence)
affiliation: University of Reading

Susanne Clausen is an artist, curator and Professor of Fine Art at the University of Reading. She is the Artistic Director of Reading International a new arts organisation at the which she founded in 2016.  Susanne works and publishes predominantly under the name Szuper Gallery, often in collaboration with the artist Pavlo Kerestey.  She creates performances, videos and multi-media installations, paintings and drawings. Previous exhibitions and performances include Permanent Revolution, Ludwig Museum Budapest, 2018 Bonobo GRAD London, (2015), Liquid Trust, ICA London (2015) and Western Front Vancouver (2014), Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia (2012); Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland (2012); The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Canada (2011); Curtain Razors, Regina, Canada, 2008; 4'33'', Kunstverein Bregenz, 2007; Kunsthalle Helsinki, 2006; Set Project, Western Front Vancouver, 2005; Play without a Stage, Shedhalle Zurich, 2005; Künstlerhaus Bremen, 2002;Temporary Accomodation, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2001; Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong, 2005; Lenbachhaus Museum, Munich, 2002; Televisions, Kunsthalle Vienna, 1999. 


In 2014 she set up the Research Platform in Curating as a practice-based PhD programme in contemporary curating together with Professor Dorothee Richter, as a co-operation between the Reading School of Art at the University of Reading (UK) and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating at the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, Department of Cultural Analysis, Zurich University of the Arts (CH).

As an educator she has established various partnerships with international art institutions, for example Art's partnership in an active Asian Universities network with universities in Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai and regularly organises exhibitions and research projects with students abroad.