What is the force that constantly follows us everywhere, even when we sleep? That craves for our creativity, our dreams and doings.


Here we are in Venice - the city on water. How did this imagined force create this city? The hot spot. The epicentre and the historical source of the art world as we know it. The perfect backdrop for extraction of value. The tsunami of creativity and thinking connected, here by ducats*. Art and the City, the sources to extract in this locality.


Stockholm - Venice - Stockholm


The space in the place is a sculpture, Temporary AGORA (Anni Laakso). How will remain immaterial until the moment we gather to reflect upon this relationship. How to resist, while bureau-crazy tries to kill us with boredom.


We propose a collaborative workshop with invited guests on where and how art can happen, at a time were systemic tools are used to govern. Venice will be the focus of losing ourselves in a (re)search for historical and contemporary examples. We will walk and talk, find crucial spots and traces. We will be inspired by sharing experiences. Meet with people, think and do together.


Temporary AGORA is the starting and end point of this riddle. We will use the construction to exfoliate the confusion. We ARE all Venice! We are WATER!


*Ducat (it. ducato) is a gold coin, first made in Venice by the doge Pietro Gradenigo (1289-1310).https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dukat(2019-02-08)


akcg(anna kindgren and carina gunnars)


Profile image/photographer: © 2018 Katy Carey