Mads Bering Christiansen

Denmark °1992
research interests: interactions, artistic research, materiality, texture, exploratory practices, Design Exploration, critical design, aesthetics, digital art

Mads Bering is a PhD student at the Center for Soft Robotics, University of Southern Denmark. He holds a MSc in Digital Design and Communication from The IT University of Copenhagen with a specialisation in digital aesthetics, art as research and material as well as textural investigations. His work within design is broad, but coherent in the way that it all relates to interactions, speculative, explorative or critical design.


MSc - Digital Design & Communication - The IT University of Copenhagen (2016-2018)

BA-electives - Art, Design and Visual Culture in the Modernity - University of Copenhagen (2015-2016)
BSc - Digital Design - IT, Aesthetics & Interaction - Aarhus University (2013-2016)