Anneli Drecker
Norway °1969

The Modern Ancient Voice


The goal of this project is to explore what I call The Modern Ancient Voice. The term “ancient voice” is hereby referred to as “the first ever instrument within archaic societies where song was a vital part of the human´s expression, cult and religion”.

I am looking for the inner potential of my voice by investigating different archaic- and traditional singing styles which can be seen as carriers of a heritage from pre historic times, the so called “ancient voice”.

Could it be that the ancient voice lies within all of us, under layers and layers of mankind´s long lifeline? If you think about it, we all have inherited it from our ancestors, it is somehow in our genes. If so, then there is  really no geographical “copyright” to any kind of ethnical- or traditional singing. 


This project has two perspectives, one inwards and one outwards:

Inwards:  -a search for the ancient voice within me, which I think we all have inherited.

Outwards: - a search towards the ancient voices within different cultures.