Per Martinsen

There is no spoon
Norway °1966



Through my project «The Search for Resonance» I want to investigate correspondences between frequency and geometry in order to build an audiovisual “alphabet” that can be used as a platform for creating new musical and audiovisual works.


My research is rooted in my own experience of composing and performing highly “physical” electronic music, i.e. played back at high amplitudes with emphasis on low frequencies, combined with the exploration of cymatic visualization, alternative tuning systems as well as ritualistic music and esoteric mythology.




I have been composing and performing electronic music since the late eighties as part of the first wave of electronic musicians hailing from the northern Norwegian town of Tromsø. Although most prolific under my Mental Overdrive techno/IDM moniker, I have also collaborated with a number of artists and composed music for films, theatre, contemporary dance and cross disciplinary works such as my own transmedia project “Earthbound – Surfing the Apocalypse” (2012).