Per Martinsen

There is no spoon. It's a fork
Norway °1966
research interests: Writing as artistic research, electronic music, PHOTOGRAPHY, NFT
affiliation: UiT - The Arctic University of Tromsø

I have composed and performed electronic music since the late eighties as part of the first wave of electronic musicians hailing from the northern Norwegian town of Tromsø. Although most prolific under my Mental Overdrive techno/IDM moniker, I have also collaborated with a number of artists and composed music for films, theatre, contemporary dance and cross disciplinary works such as my own transmedia project “Earthbound – Surfing the Apocalypse” (2012). My current writing and music project "Pyramids On The Moon" started as part of my artistic research project "The Search for Resonance" but is still a work in progress even as I'm not longer part of the programme.


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