Andrea Jaeger

Germany, United Kingdom °1978
research interests: photographic practice, posthuman photography, soft matter, fail, Nonrepresentational Theory, nonlinearity, artistic research, practical practice, sensous knowledge, sensory ethnography
affiliation: Fine Arts @Nottingham Trent University

I am a photographic artist exploring failure and deviation in photographic production—those moments when things don't work out, when the flow is ruptured and production stops, and everything is about getting things up and running again. Yet when I sit with these moments when failure unfolds, when I look and listen and connect with their modus operandi, I can see softness in the raw materials; I can hear touch and feel the tension in total darkness. Through touch, listening and watching, I attune to the intensions and interactions of human and non-human actors as their relations and material practices expose the non-representational potency of production and photography. In the flow of photographic production, I find in the 'tensioning of', the 'tearing of‘, the shooting light onto‘ photographic paper unseen realities of sounds, artefacts and sensual experiences within these material practices. Collaborating with field partners that include Photo Parlour Nottingham, Polaroid NL, FujiFilm NL and Hahnemühle DE, I use participatory action research and studio-based experimental art practices to elucidate these material practices and their doings. This emerging 'aesthetics of production‘ is not a reflection or a representation of production. These works expose the softness and sensuousness of production and its actions, extending our view of what is fabricated beyond the photograph and questioning the narrower understanding and contextualisation of photography and production alike.