Laura Gonzalez

United Kingdom (residence), Spain (citizenship) °1977
research interests: breath, performance, artistic research, art practice, hysteria, psychoanalysis, Lacan, Freud, yoga, dance, choreography and performance
affiliation: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

I trained in Fine Art and while exploring photographic self-portraiture as part of my doctorate, I realised I was performing in front of the camera. My practice became body-based. I make intimate and psychoanalytically inspired works. I am also a yoga teacher. Since 2015, I have developed a breath practice, and work with performers (artists, opera singers, musicians) to enhance their breathing capacity and quality. My last two solo intimate pieces, Don’t Say Anything and Idaadopt the format of psychoanalytic space, where the patient speaks to the doctor. Performative, durational and intimate are qualities that link psychoanalysis and the breath. Both are gateways to the inner world. Recently, I co-devised and performed Warmed Air, which had a breath score. I have been commissioned to write about the breath for a book on care (Ma Bibliothèque, 2020) and worked with breath patterns for a new piece called Afterwardness.