Ans Mertens

Belgium °1989
research interests: art, Film-making, audiovisual installation, Curatorial Studies
affiliation: LUCA School of Arts

The work of Ans Mertens (°1989, living/working in between Antwerp and Brussels) plays on the tension between objective recordings and subjective image making. She plays with proximity and remoteness, the spatial dynamics that attract our attention and draw the eye to understand visibility as a fleeting condition of the things surrounding us. The work of Ans Mertens also shows that time, perhaps more than space, is the ultimate subject of all film: time captured, time chased. Arranged, erased, wasted. Leisurely spent, unspectacularly passed. 
Ans Mertens (°1989) is a visual artist researching the intersection of time, film and the exhibition space. She is working on her artistic Phd project "The (dis)appearance of Time"  at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. She has shown her work at ao. Museum M, M HKA, Sonic Acts, ExtraCity & Visite Film Festival. 


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