Britta Olsson

Sweden °-1964
research interests: body as instrument of exploration and expression

Performing artist and choreographer based in Stockholm.  Master of Fine Arts (240 cr, 2014 and 2018) at The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Also educated at The School of Dance and Circus, and The University College of Music Education in Stockholm.  Artistic focus on the body as an instrument for exploration and expression and the body as a moving part of a moving universe.  Works mainly in smaller interdisciplinary, experimental collaborations far from the big venues, among others Osynliga Teatern and Fylkingen in Stockholm and Barnens scen in Malmö.  Member of performance group Stories Works based in Stockholm/Malmö.  Dancer in award winning short film ”Little Things” (2018) by Sami Hokkanen (La Danza in 1 Minuto, 60secondsdance Finland and Choreoscope – the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona).


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