Polly Hudson

affiliation: Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University

Dr Polly Hudson is a teacher, artist, gardener, dancer and dance activist.


As an artist scholar her work focuses on process within an artistic practice, ethical approaches to teaching, leadership and mentoring, Skinner Releasing Technique, and Ecosomatics.  She is curious about at what point a practice or an activity becomes art.


Polly is a certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique, the principles of which underpin her approach to teaching, making art and daily activities. She has made performance and screendance works that have been shown internationally across four continents, and to critical acclaim.


Polly is a Reader in Dance at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, where she is also Head of Movement, and Associate Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Performative Arts (CIPA).