On the question of research: seminars (last edited: 2020)

Brandon LaBelle
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The series of lectures / seminars looks at questions of artistic research, and aims to reflect upon some of the key terms or pillars defining research culture. Topics such as knowledge, writing, peer review and institutional practices will be unpacked in order to question what particular qualities or perspectives artistic research contributes: what forms of knowledge can one expect from artistic research? In what sense does artistic research understand itself in relation to artistic practice? Is artistic research an art form? What consequences does artistic research have for education and the contemporary art scene? Contending with some of the challenges around the “science of art”, the series intends to open a set of questions as well as productive vocabularies for nurturing research as a creative gesture. It also considers in what ways the notion of the artist as researcher may entail the construction of a unique set of terms or manners, which would include a shift from argumentation to speculation, from reference to gesture, from thesis to aesthetics. From such a view, is the artist researcher to be understood as a type of poetic hacker of research culture, a figure pirating the terms of science? Reflecting upon these perspectives, we will map out what research is from an artistic point of view, and how it may contribute to the project of art in general.
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