Crisis Collective - Ingeborg Entrop (2021)

Jonas Howden Sjøvaag, Deniz Peters, Anne-Helen Mydland

About this exposition

Presentation for the cancelled conference "Crisis Collective". Created as an exposition by Jonas Sjøvaag, Author name is listed in the title.
typeresearch exposition
last modified29/03/2021
share statuspublic
copyrightIngeborg Entrop
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inFaculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen
portal issue3. Crisis Collective - contributions to a lost conference

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1192097 relic_SAR2020 Entrop All rights reserved
1192103 relic_SAR2020_SCALE Entrop All rights reserved
1192104 relic_SAR2020_SKETCH Entrop All rights reserved
1192106 relic_SAR2020_SONG Entrop All rights reserved
1192108 relic_SAR2020_SONG Entrop All rights reserved
1202737 relic_SAR2020_SKETCH Halderup All rights reserved
1202740 relic_SAR2020_SCALE Jonas Sjøvaag All rights reserved
1213736 Crisis Collective background V1b Jonas Sjøvaag All rights reserved

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