Teleportation and Transformation: approaching the 'impossible' through storytelling and technology (last edited: 2021)

Eirini Sourgiadaki

About this exposition

Throughout human history as we know it, there is a range of stories in the arts and the humanities that meet in variations, which shows an old widespread human desire, a wish for as much life as possible, for being immortal or for getting the ability to be everything and to be everywhere opposed to the finite nature of the human existence and the knowing about this fact. That wish has been and can be approached by forms and tools of narration that engage imagination. For the investigation of how such practices signify an embodied experience in daily culture, I am approaching the use of language and especially figures as metaphor, metonymy and adynaton i.e. in mythology, religion, fairy tales and science fiction, focusing not only on language alone, but on possible combinations with the potentialities of artistic devices as “technasmata”. Both, teleportation and transformation can be understood as a three-step processes compiled by: State 1 (before), the in-between moment (the shift) and State 2 (after). Although State 1 and State 2 (before and after teleportation/ transformation) will be respectively studied, a special focus will be given to the middle part of the process, the in-between moment, including time, space, the (technological) device as well as cultural aspects and possibilities. The in-between moment as a moment of trespassing is a point that not much focus has been given in artistic research till now, unlike State 1 and State 2; what exactly happens after Gregor Samsa sleeps as human and before he wakes up as an insect, or what happens right after Alice steps into the mirror and right before she enters Wonderland, what happens while Clark Kent is inside the phone booth (in Greek “thalamus”) are all invisible. The Greek word for the booth is “thalamus”, the same word used for that part of the brain where all senses end up, the relay station for sensory experiences. How to deal with the presence/absence of the body in terms of time and space during the in-between moment and how to stimulate imagination, memory and engage the senses towards the “impossible” using the means that consist a teleportation/transformation device? The aim of my fundamental research-oriented or knowledge-open (erkenntnisoffenen) PhD project is, to go on this open research PhD project without pre-defining the format of the outcome, but letting it evolve through and within the study, research and experimentation process instead, working on the following groups of objectives and research questions: i. approaching the ‘impossible’, ii. devices, iii. language storytelling) & other media, iv. possible combinations / experiments. Methods to be used will be: further reading connected to the main terms, a public presentation and interviews with its participants, experimentation and exploiting relevant theories, essayistic writing, as well as others, yet to be developed, that will evolve along with the artistic research.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsmetaphor, teleportation, transformation, device, techne, technasma, neuroscience, linguistics, poetry, hypnosis, therapy, medical imaging, trauma, Multiplicities
last modified07/09/2021
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affiliationZurich University of the Arts / University for Arts and Design Linz
copyrightEirini Sourgiadaki
licenseCC BY-SA

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