Silence surrounds us, silence around us (last edited: 2021)

Erika Matsunami

About this exposition

Post-contemporary artistic research: I back to the Method of Roland Barthes in cognitive linguistics, and semiotics. Artistic methods are in literature, drawing, photography, Video, Sound, and Performance together with diverse materials, as well as in an object, objects and spatial installation within the representational theories, which will be transformed into another artistic medium(s). The sources are magazines (virtual and paper), as well as my environment in the real space of everyday life (reflection of living space, and also global communication, its changing of thinking in time and space) Do you have silence surrounds you? This question applies to an autonomic environment, which is not automation space(s) in the centralization system. Silence" in the project/artistic research, that is a state of standstill of body in the environment that refers to air. / "Stille" in diesem Projekt/Kunst-Forschung, das ist ein Zustand des Stillstands vom Körper in der Umgebung, der sich auf Luft bezieht.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsEnvironment, Decentralisation, Post-contemporary, Assemblage, Transversal aesthetics, Materiality and Immateriality, Ageing, creativity, site-specific, spatiality, Memory
last modified23/07/2021
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copyrightErika Matsunami
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1284297 Portfolio_a.o.i. - lasting memories (drafts) - copy Erika Matsunami, Valerio Sannicandro CC BY-NC-ND
1284298 Portfolio_a.o.i. - lasting memories (drafts) Erika Matsunami, Valerio Sannicandro CC BY-NC-ND
1292285 Lullaby_Vater_Etiopian_2011 - Lucas_I hear you_2020 - copy ©Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1292287 Lullaby_Mutter_Ex-DDR_2011 - Lucas_I hear you_2020 - copy Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1292337 KOTO_excerpt_Erika Matsunami - copy Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1299878 IMG_6990 Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1299879 IMG_6984 Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1299880 IMG_6962 Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1299881 IMG_6958 Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND
1299887 IMG_6951 Erika Matsunami CC BY-NC-ND

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