Variation II and III (last edited: 2023)

Erika Matsunami

About this exposition

VARIATIONS II AND III The objective of Variations is for the contemporary opera in semi-formalism between Western and Non-Western, it explores cross-, inter- and transdisciplinary in Music and Visual arts, as well as architecture. After the corona pandemic in 2020, this artistic research in "Variation I" was started by the initiative of Lukas Huisman in Belgium, which focuses on the topics of the 20th century, on "Corona" (1962) by Toru Takemitsu. Multi-layered open score. Performance in the site-specific installation (in the real space). Variation I Variation II Variation III The research on post-minimalism (such as the difference and repetition in post-structuralism, as the philosophy of difference, as post-structural feminism*) is about exploring the research method, so it is not about the artistic style. There are no targets and no points for the score, rather on vagueness in the research. *A contribution of this branch was to argue that there is no universal single category of "woman" or "man". - Post-contemporary art for the Joint Artistic Research: Performance in the site-specific and spatial installation (in the real space) that will consist of the conjunction between gaps of the different artistic fields, mediums and techniques, and their materiality and dynamics. - The artistic approach of the Joint Artistic Research through the intersubjective connections in different artistic fields and their gaps: Social relationship, as well as the economy and social system immediate within the digital society after the corona pandemic, that suggests exploring the transformations which are new imaginaries, and which aims in the Joint Artistic Research towards the underpinning of contemporary social space. - Problems of cross-disciplinary artistic research: A problem in collective artistic research is contextualism and relativism in different artistic disciplines, that make it difficult to technically explore a new artistic dynamic. Another problem is functionalism, especially that which refers to multiple realizability in a cross-disciplinary artistic research collectivity. - Solution to cross-disciplinary artistic problems: For example, a collaboration with the composer and conductor Valerio Sannicandro regarding the research subjects of decentralization and sonic and visual space(s). The gaps between visual arts and music (composition): What is the specific creativity in each artistic field and in the individual artistic characters? How can we work dynamically? Therefore, we need to explore the new artistic method for the conjunction from the wide perspectives in each artistic field, that is the aim of the Joint Artistic Research "Variation II". In the case of Karlheinz Stockhausen, he explored "Lautsprecher Musik", it was a starting point of musical automatization. However, it was a new music method of monophonic and polyphonic, heterophobic texture and homophonic texture, and so on, for a multi-layered sonic space and time in a concert space, and was neither music nor symphonic orchestra. Rather, it was something new, sound and sonic texture as a new music composition in post-war. In the real space (environment), we can very simply de- and re-construct and transform "spatialization" into the multi-layered phonic texture as the musical and sonic expressions. On the topic of spontaneity, there are many possibilities and opportunities for combining diverse artistic layers and actions, such as by humans (performers or participatory way of randomness or interactive ways) and/or by nature. Thereby, the communication means vary widely. Subsequently, Variation III will be explored. This artistic research entitled "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" was started in 2020 after the corona pandemic. "X" is a new beginning of artistic research in the research series "Silence surrounds us, silence around us". I continuously explore the research method of "work in progress" in artistic research from the perspective of biology. (For a new geometry and a new topology in the arts in the 21st century). Transdisciplinary artistic research in the visual arts with architecture and music, with regard to transversal aesthetics. The keyword "ageing" in this artistic research is of philosophical consideration. For instance, as with "capital" in Marx's theory, or "immateriality" and "materiality" in capitalism, how is "ageing" viewed? What gaps exist between the cultural mentality and social condition? What role can art play in answering these questions? Therefore, my research investigation is through string theory as well as Einstein's special relativity theory in the 21st century, through which I attempt to explore the new value (as well as quantum value) of ageing within the capitalism of all democratic social systems and their ideologies for something new. (In the works)
typeresearch exposition
keywordstransversality, Sonic and Visual space, assemblage, decentralization, work in progress, spatialzation, site-specific, notation, crossmodal, transdisciplinary collaboration, Sonic arts
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