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Adelheid Mers

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There have been 3 Arts Ecology projects to date. All were carried out with students of the Arts Administration and Policy Program at SAIC, a department I currently chair. I believe that the recently conducted Chicago Cultural Plan (2012) has opened a door, locally, for organizations to consider more formal inclusion of art inflected perspectives in community and urban planning processes. As an artist with a cultural policy skill set, I ask, observe, listen and hear differently from typically sociology-based researchers. All Arts Ecology projects are located in or near Chicago: in Evanston, and in Chicago south and west side neighborhoods. They are based on interviews with stakeholders in bounded geographic areas. The project in Evanston culminated in an exhibition. The Chicago based projects generated posters for general distribution and feedback sessions with funders and stakeholders. Also included here is a diagram commissioned by the 3Arts Foundation, about artists' perception of granting frameworks.
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