Palace.Prison-Prison.Letters (last edited: 2021)

Soroor Notash

About this exposition

Rewriting a place. “Today the prisons are actually universities” read the head-title of letters. They joked “Oh, did you get a master? I just managed a bachelor, hahaha!” and there it was, the pride amid rememories of pain and crushed selves. I revisit Qasr (palace) prison-museum-park in Tehran, Iran, and I look for unexhibited traces. What if a prison is not just the place of horror, violence, and order but also the first home of a child? What are the untold stories in this museum? What are we not supposed to remember? This film is an attempt to rewrite this place through an archive of letters, handcrafts and photos belonging to former political prisoners and to tell an invisible and less told story.
typeresearch exposition
last modified02/10/2021
statusin progress
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