Unspeakable Dialogues: Writ in Rock (last edited: 2024)

Rolf Hughes

About this exposition

Positioning the locus of writing beyond the human, this presentation questions our anthropocentrism by drawing on the notion that traces of worlds in motion create recognisable details (forms of writing) that can be read if we pay them the appropriate care and attention. Such issues are essential in our greater literacy for ecological thinking, and actions capable of engendering life-promoting practices. How we may read the writing of the more-than-human realm is not just essential for our own understanding but a communications issue in search of a better relating to a changing reality. Raising questions about the recognition of the “other,” the attention paid to atypical subjects and an ethics of care for those we do not easily understand, are subjects for broader discussion with respect to artistic research in assessing and deciding what kind of writing works and is valuable in artistic research undertakings. Writing is thus conceived as an ethical undertaking rather than a purely formal concern. Our chosen forms of writing direct questions to the critical objectives of artistic research that is ecologically focussed, de-centring the human subject, and inviting new engagements through writing that can be presented in artistic research contexts and publications. This video was presented at the CARPA 7 conference (2021) on "Elastic Writing" (for theme 2: Dis[guised] Writing).
typeresearch exposition
keywordswriting, more-than-human, ecological practices, care and attention, poetry, Ecology of Experience, non-innocence, stone, rock, pebble
last modified02/01/2024
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationExperimental Architecture Group
copyrightRolf Hughes & Rachel Armstrong
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
languageBritish English

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