Material Experiments - Amadou (last edited: 2021)

Mari Koppanen

About this exposition

This artistic, material-cultural research focuses on amadou, a suede-like material derived from a polypore mushroom called Fomes fomentarius (Eng. Tinder Mushroom, Norw. knuskkjuke). It investigates the cultural-historical ownership of the material as well as its’ potential utilisation in contemporary design contexts. The project combines science and art into a mutually supportive, needy and nourishing unit. The research highlights topics from different fields and disciplinaries. It aims to garner an understanding of possible future applications on amadou through hands-on experimentation, documentation and material demonstration. All of these support a holistic material study.
typeresearch exposition
last modified25/11/2021
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copyrightMari Koppanen
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1436586 Amadou_MaterialExperiments(film2) Mari Koppanen All rights reserved
1436740 We Grew Together, Land Beyond the Forest - People of Corund, Mari Koppanen Mari Koppanen All rights reserved

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