Organograms, 2006 - 2009 (last edited: 2022)

Adelheid Mers

About this exposition

The Organograms were proto-versions of Diagrammatic Instruments. Conventionally, organograms depict organizational hierarchies. The images of arts organizations I created and for which I appropriated the name, Organogram, were based on stories the people working in the organizations and sometimes also their clients and stakeholders told me, about enacting their roles. All those part of such conversations were also the primary audience for the resulting, diagrammatic image, having participated in a reflexive assessment of their work environment. Several of the organograms were associated with additional activities, leading into their creation (for example a design contest), or associated with their presentation in exhibitions (for example musical presentations, talks, or interactive objects, such as wearable buttons). Such events were clues to the secondary, museum or gallery audiences that they were encountering a poetic scenario, rather than a map.
typeresearch exposition
last modified11/01/2022
statusin progress
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copyrightAdelheid Mers
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1485516 Hyde Park Art Center Oganogram Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485517 Hyde Park Art Center Organogram installation shot Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485522 Peck School of Art Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485527 Rockford installed Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485528 INOVA Cataposter Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485529 Schneeberg Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485535 Rockford Museum Organogram Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485541 I-Space Organogram 2009 copy Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485543 Mers_Cataposter back Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485572 Mers_I-Space Organogram Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485573 Mers_I-Space Organogram-back Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485578 Mers_I-Space Organogram Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485580 Mers_I-Space Organogram Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485584 mers_lobot Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485956 LoBot projection Adelheid Mers CC BY-NC-ND
1485963 schneeberg_en Adelheid Mers All rights reserved
1485977 lobot copy final slack-ajar3-bib CC BY-NC-ND
1488519 hpac_Card_buttons Adelheid Mers All rights reserved
1488521 hpac_Card_buttons Adelheid Mers All rights reserved

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