The semantics of absence (last edited: 2022)

Gustav Ă…gerstrand
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About this exposition

REFERENCES THE SEMANTICS OF ABSENCE - the subtractive and additive approach to framing - Here I gather some references that I use for my artistic research concerning:
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last modified31/01/2022
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Simple Media

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1489543 at night i fly Story AB All rights reserved
1489550 at night i fly Story CC BY-NC-ND
1489626 leviathan_1 ryss CC BY-NC-ND
1489629 leviathan_2 ryss CC BY-NC-ND
1489631 leviathan_1 ryss All rights reserved
1489863 leviathan_2 ryss CC BY-NC-ND
1489899 soy cuba ryss CC BY-NC-ND
1490274 escape at dannemora britt CC BY-NC-ND
1490289 loveless ryss CC BY-NC-ND
1490303 escape at dannemora britt CC BY-NC-ND
1490521 lida adomeit All rights reserved
1491057 Leviathan ryss All rights reserved
1491077 whores' glory glawogger CC BY-NC-ND
1491990 LeFils mp4 fransk CC BY-NC-ND
1492005 escape at dannemora0 britt CC BY-NC-ND
1492006 lida0 adomeit CC BY-NC-ND
1492008 soy cuba0 ryss CC BY-NC-ND
1492012 loveless0 ryss CC BY-NC-ND

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