Foraging with Dave (last edited: 2022)

Gabrielle Fenton, Carolina P M NĂ©methy

About this exposition

We follow Dave - a chef with a passion for plants and foraging. This interactive documentary disperses Dave's encounters with plants on a clickable map! It's january and the landscape seems quite barren. Scroll to explore this fictional map of the coastal area around Rotterdam through Dave's eyes. Click on the clues that Dave sees as he is walking around and find out if there is anything edible there. As you learn about the plants, you may also learn about other themes that are entangled into the species, such as how much one should pick, pollution, etc ... We are Carolina and Gabrielle, two anthropology PhD students. We made this webpage during a two-week winter school on multi-modal anthropology methods at Leiden, as part of the Food Citizen's project.
typeresearch exposition
last modified17/02/2022
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1513010 Dune - Elder us All rights reserved
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