Sounding Numbers (last edited: 2023)

Miguel Angel Crozzoli
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About this exposition

In my artistic research project Sounding Numbers, I investigate the creation and application of data sonification as sounding materialities for contemporary electroacoustic compositions and participatory sound installations, through my own aesthetic universe. In Sounding Numbers, I take on the role of a researcher, composer, and performer. My research process and artistic outcomes are shaped by my passion for climate change and cosmology, community empowerment, and the potential role of the arts in dissemination and engagement within these spheres. In this exposition, I explain and portray Sounding Numbers by unveiling my process and framework through a descriptive and reflective analysis, the project's contextual placement, and a portfolio of Sounding Numbers' artistic outcomes.
typeresearch exposition
last modified29/05/2023
statusin progress
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copyrightMiguel Angel Crozzoli
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

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1658600 I Am The Forest I_19.05.22 Miguel Angel Crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1658671 excerpt Forest III_19.05.22 Miguel Angel Crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1658920 excerptI Am The Forest IV_19.05.22 mc CC BY-NC-ND
1658956 excerpt I Am The Ocean mov I_24.05.22 mc CC BY-NC-ND
1658962 excerpt I Am The Ocean III_24.05.22 mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659024 I-AM-THE-FOREST-score-v1 mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659106 Love Is short video _ dark room mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659108 Love Is short video _ showing devices mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659214 opening forest psi miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659230 I AM THE FOREST A3_page-0001 miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659360 forest instruction mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659388 i am the forest 13-4-22 miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659462 kirsehuggingtree mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659560 planting seeds miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659704 Brazil(edit)_Forests_Nov21 mc CC BY-NC-ND
1659710 Thailand_Forests_Nov21 miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659862 love is A3_page-0001 miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659913 love is online miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1659998 wearHeart miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1660037 exploretheroom miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1660179 PULSARS EN A3_page-0001 miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1660184 PULSARS WEB 1080X1920 miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1660188 radiopulsarsplay miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1660191 radioPlirse miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1660202 47tuc2final mc CC BY-NC-ND
1660209 scipulsars Website ► https://cosmoknowledge.com CC BY-NC-ND
1660979 QR code free CC BY-NC-ND
1661195 technoocean miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1661210 OCEAN_3Min_Conference miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1661225 jbl water miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1661269 20220514_224017 miguel crozoli All rights reserved
1662389 I-AM-THE-OCEAN1_merged_rotated miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1665021 fragment ocean miguel crozzoli CC BY-NC-ND
1665037 dataset mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665038 code soundobjects mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665116 sometechno8 mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665171 pythommate mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665217 multiphonics practice mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665245 selfcon ducted mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665284 detailedstring mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665296 orchestration mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665368 graphic detailed score mc CC BY-NC-ND
1665422 orchestration extended mc All rights reserved
1665428 improv mov III mc All rights reserved
1665459 breathmein mc All rights reserved
1665522 broken by melodic qualities mc All rights reserved
1665528 blending ocean I 2 mc All rights reserved
1665532 blending Forest mov IV mc All rights reserved
1665568 k hugging mc All rights reserved
1665582 love sensors short mc All rights reserved
1665595 forest insta text mc All rights reserved
1665632 radio p play mc All rights reserved
1665685 data web mc All rights reserved
1665757 from data to art mc All rights reserved
1665771 IMG_8111 mc All rights reserved
1665777 IMG_8114 mc All rights reserved
1665897 SN graph mc All rights reserved
1665910 LR graph mc All rights reserved
1665943 wordmap mc All rights reserved
1665955 descriptive mc All rights reserved
1665965 reflective mc All rights reserved
1665994 reflective2 mc All rights reserved
1666002 descriptive2 mc All rights reserved
1666006 descriptive3 mc All rights reserved
1666040 reflective4 mc All rights reserved
1666251 menu mc All rights reserved
1668887 I AM THE FREST_SCORE_k_rotated mc All rights reserved

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