Silence surrounds us, silence around us - X (last edited: 2022)

Erika Matsunami

About this exposition

This artistic research "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" was started in 2020 after the corona pandemic. "X" is a new beginning of artistic research in the research series "Silence surrounds us, silence around us". I continuously explore the research method of "work in progress" in artistic research from the perspective of biology. (For a new geometry and a new topology in the arts, in the 21st century) Transdisciplinary artistic research in the visual arts with architecture and music, with regard to transversal aesthetics. The keyword "Ageing" in this artistic research is philosophical consideration. For instance, "capital" in Marx's theory, "immateriality" and "materiality" in capitalism, thereby, how is "Ageing" viewed? What gaps between cultural and mental aspects and social conditions? What role can art play in answering these questions? Therefore, my attempt in artistic research is through string theory as well as Einstein's special relativity theory in the 21st century, to explore the new value (as well as, quantum) of ageing towards capitalism of all democratic social systems and their ideologies for something new. This artistic research addresses the study of ecology in the sense through art. "Ecology is the process by which organisms interact with each other and their environment, with the environment as a stage and ecology as the performance." (Ecology: A Very Short Introduction, Jaboury Ghazoul, Oxford: OUP, 2020) On the subject of "interaction" from the aspect of ecology, there are gaps between physical phenomenon and virtual phenomenon, between our sense (perception, cognition and recognition) and measurement, the fact what that is. (Normative and Normativity) Thereby, I deal with these topics through art in the artistic research "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" – X.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsEnvironment, Spatiality, Subjectivity and Objectivity, Projection, Reflection, Time perception, Decentralisation, transdiciplinarity, transversality, cross-disciplinary, Ageing
last modified24/05/2022
statusin progress
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copyrightErika Matsunami
licenseAll rights reserved

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1626899 839251_Entwurf_image sketch_Es gab ein Baum_2022 - copy Erika Matsunami All rights reserved
1626907 839251_Entwurf_Es gab ein Baum_2022 - copy Erika Matsunami All rights reserved
1626909 invisible environmental memory_2022 - copy Erika Matsunami All rights reserved
1626910 invisible environmental memory_2022 - copy - copy Erika Matsunami All rights reserved
1627771 3_Silence surrounds us, silence around us _X Erika Matsuami All rights reserved
1643235 es_final_14.2.2022_Experimental poem_Erika Matsunami - copy Erika Matsunami All rights reserved

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