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This research aims to turn the individual reading experience into a collective one by designing preformative encounters through literature and focusing on the main topics of home and belonging. The research argument revolves around the many ways we can read a text collectively by creating a space of social engagement and the possibilities for people to react to these texts through discussions, writing and drawing. There is a use of political texts to speak without fear and give the reader the ability to connect to societal and political rights in their own cities. The intention is to specifically discuss publicly the different perspectives on the subject matter by highlighting the Palestinians’ suffering and what has happened over the past years in Palestine, as a result of the 1948 Catastrophe, which translates into “Al-Nakba” in Arabic. A set of famous Palestinian cities, Haifa and Akka, that were lost due to forceful eviction of their inhabitants in 1948 show empowering stories of a life of struggles and longing for return. Using texts as tactics is a bridge to discuss politics in the city and have the right to change ourselves and through that change, also have an effect on reshaping the cities we live in.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsartistic research, text, belonging, reading, collective
last modified22/09/2023
statusin progress
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