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we were made a short exhibition on video if you want to be capable person for knowledge of lace just watch our video ! 1840- the production of patterned laces developed, which could imitate perfectly the handmade ones lace has decorative purpose and it s an intereorking of free threads- therefore forming holes handmade lace types: 1. needle lace - is made with single thread and one needle 2. bobbin lace- is made by manipulating multiple threads, wound on bobbins Machine made laces emerged during the Industrial Revolution, end of 18th century • The first machine made consisted of a machine produced net, made out of one continuous thread, where the pattern was applied by hand carina For me the most interesting part of maltese lace is the craft and how it’s implemented now, even though they are used such old techniques. It’s one of Malta’s oldest traditions. During the 1600s, it was the fashion for noblemen and the clergy to wear clothing decorated with handcrafted bobbin lace. Maltese women and children learned the art of lace making so that they could sell their crafts to raise money for their families, and lacemaking was even taught in one orphanage in Gozo to help raise funds and boost popularity of lace products. So basically this was the centre were lace making was born and then had influenced a lot of cultures like: Arabic, British, French, Italian, Spanish. jungyun I didn't really look into the history of maltese lace before, but now i found out there is a lot more to it and i can use lace in my work in a more contemporary way. This has been really useful in opening my vision about lace in general and what techniques have been used for centuries.
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